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Zero Tolerance to Pests

The food service industry has a high sensitivity towards pests with a zero tolerance to pest activity, both at the front of the house, where food is served and the back of the house where the food is prepared. One pest is enough to damage reputation and cause long lasting damage for any food business.

Comfort is another aspect related to the Restaurant business, where nuisance pests like flies are not only discomforting but also a sign of poor sanitation.
Boecker addresses the flying insects problems with its unique FICP (Flying Insects Control Programme) that combines an array of systems and applications for a year round protection against flies.

Restaurant Chains that are audited by their franchisors or third parties also receive the Boecker SMART Pest Management system with all of its core benefits (refer to catering section) with continued awareness and education programmes for food handlers and online access to monitor your locations pest trends among many other features that the Boecker SMART Pest Management System provides.

Boecker provides 24/7 scheduling for all food service clients with dedicated account and technical officers who are ready to provide you with immediate solutions as well as technical support throughout your contract period.

Boecker supplies you with the renowned PestWest, electric fly traps decorative models that are specifically designed for restaurants front of the house, to control flies discretely and add a decorative touch to your premises.