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Regional - 06/08/2020

Boecker® offers the most safe and effective disinfection tunnel for a saturated protection.

Due to the spread of the recent pandemic, Boecker® SaniTunnel™ was introduced as the safest and most effective disinfection tunnel, suitable for all industries.

SaniTunnel™ is fully customizable and available in two different sizes:

- GRANDE: a 240 cm tunnel for large entrances

- PICCOLO: a 120 cm tunnel for small entrances

Boecker® disinfection tunnels are equipped with motion sensors and an advanced hydraulic spray system to create a saturated environment that will instantly disinfect humans and goods. When a person enters the tunnel, after having their face mask on, they walk through an automatic sterilisation spray of fine mist and tiny droplets for 10 seconds. This fine mist then settles over all surfaces (clothes, bags, shoes, etc.) without causing any damage. And this is guaranteed!

What makes SaniTunnel™ unique is the excellent coverage achieved by well-studied placement of spraying nozzles and the disinfectant used, Microbecs™.

Microbecs™ is a patented molecule that doesn’t contain Chlorine or Ethanol and is EPA registered and FDA approved as it is 100% harmless to humans, animals and the environment. It eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi within 30 seconds and results can be proven through medical labs.

After its introduction few weeks ago, SaniTunnel™ is now available in more than 50 outlets at several locations across Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria placed at the entrances of supermarkets, retail shops, business offices, military locations, pharmacies, nurseries, and many others.

Contact your Boecker® local branch to order or inquire about the SaniTunnel™.