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- 10/03/2021

Boecker® offers the best COVID-SAFE Program to all business owners.

The whole world has been brought to its knees from the rapid and destructive spread of COVID-19. Boecker® has therefor introduced the COVID-SAFE Program to make sure everyone is safe while sustaining their businesses. COVID-SAFE is customized to meet the needs and address the concerns of the F&B, Hospitality and Educational sectors.

The program provides the best international hygiene practices with scientific germ control measures ensuring a safe environment for all businesses. Do not worry, we will keep you safe everywhere.

What does the Program include?

  • A step by step Manual on best hygiene and safety practices during Corona times
  • An on-site audit to help you operate safely
  • Online hygiene staff training for work in pandemic times
  • Covid-19 protection products

Right after launching the program, COVID-SAFE was implemented amongst the largest establishments in the Middle East (InterContinental Phoenicia Hotel, Burger King, Zaatar w Zeit, Dunkin' Donuts, Dominos Pizza, and many more), providing them with a unique label that will comfort clients and stakeholders that facility is undergoing World-Class measures in both front and back-of-the-house operations. You can now become COVID-SAFE Certified.

Contact your Boecker® local branch and get your COVID-SAFE label today.