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- 10/10/2020

Here are some information you need to know about the coming battle everyone is worried about.

The COVID-19 pandemic is till today continuously and uncontrollably spreading. Due to the spread, public health experts expect an overlap with the flu season. That said, it will be hard to differentiate between the symptoms of Covid-19 and the flu. Both viral diseases affect the respiratory system causing a respiratory illness, so how can we identify the difference?

The flu is identified by the two-day development after being exposed to the virus. One person infected can spread the virus to one person. Symptoms start to appear such as a headache, fever, muscle or body aches and fatigue. Furthermore, the person can start to cough, sneeze, have a sore throat along with a runny or stuffy nose.

However, COVID-19 symptoms can appear between 2 to 14 days after exposure. One person infected can spread the virus to 2 to 3 people. If carried, the symptoms could be a fever, cough, breathing difficulties with shortness of breath and the loss of both the smell and taste.

In both viruses, the primary means of transmission is by person to person contact through respiratory droplets caused by breathing, sneezing, coughing or talking to an infected person.

Studies are beginning to show evidence for the survival of the Covid-19 droplets in the air for a period of time.

How to take precautions?

  • Limit exposure to COVID-19 and flu
  • Practice proper hygiene like washing your hand regularly
  • Wear a face mask when out in Public
  • Practice social distancing
  • Disinfect hands and surfaces regularly

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