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Regional - 30/05/2022

Boecker速 is bringing to the Middle East the latest Mosquito traps technologies from Biogents.

The Biogents innovative trapping technology is based on years of research and study of mosquito behaviour and a fusion of cutting-edge engineering and ground-breaking biology that led to the development of two patents that make Biogents products unlike anything else in the market.

Biogents mosquito trapsexhibit capture rates that are far more effective than anything in the market. That is why, Biogents traps are being used for combating Malaria, dengue fever and other deadly vectors in collaboration with the World Bank, the Bill-und-Melinda-Gates foundation, and government-based agencies around the world.

Biogents top features:

The patented combination of visual cues, artificially generated air plumes and the artificial skin scent attractant and CO2 used in Biogents traps allow the trap to effectively imitate human beings in order to attract mosquitoes.

All of the Biogents traps function according to the same-patented counterflow principle. A single fan sucks the attracted mosquitoes into the trap. A scent dispenser inside the trap enriches the air stream going out of the trap with the artificial human skin scent. Additionally, a small dose of Carbon dioxide is added to the air stream in order to increase the spectrum of the mosquitoes captured, maximize the capture rate and enlarge the coverage area to a radius of up to 20 meters.

Safe for people, animals and the environment.

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