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A Smart Mosquito Trapping Technology that Actually Works!

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Article Image
Regional - 15/07/2019

Boecker® introduces Biogents, the German mosquito traps ready to operate and control your pest infestations smartly.

Mosquitoes are considered the most lethal animal in the world. Drawn to the smell given off by the bacteria that lives on human skin, female mosquitoes bite humans to consume blood that is essential for their reproduction. 

Besides the irritation and swelling caused by their bites, mosquitoes pose a serious threat to public health around the world, as they are vectors to dangerous diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, West Nile Virus and other.
Biogents is a range of German products exclusively represented by Boecker®, offering a wide choice of mosquito traps that are non-chemical, non-toxic and highly effective. 

The Biogents innovative trapping technology is based on years of research in mosquito behaviour and a fusion of cutting-edge engineering and ground-breaking biology that led to the development of two patents that make Biogents products unlike anything else in the market. 

Biogents’ patented capture method mimics the exact factors that make human beings so attractive to mosquitoes. Numerous independent scientific studies have been conducted with Biogents traps all over the world, and they have been successfully proven to be the most effective mosquito traps in today’s market.

Biogents Mosquito Traps are easy to install and operate, and are environment-friendly to provide you with a healthier happier life!

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