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Waiting for the Germs to Attack

We all suffer from the stress that accompanies our waiting time at a doctor’s clinic or while waiting for our laboratory tests. Well the stress is in place! Most of the time we visit the doctor when we are sick, and if you are visiting a generalist, a paediatrician or waiting in a polyclinic or a lab or walking through a hospital, we are very apt to catch a pathogen.

Thanks to ICP™ service, Boecker® addresses almost every surface carrying a risk within a medical facility, looking into the air quality, purifying the air handling system and other surfaces.

The combination of ICP™ service with the use of Microbecs™ range of professional disinfectants (direct application product) provide the perfect shield for visitors as well as for the working staff in any medical facility.

Regular interventions throughout the year guarantee a long lasting, highly effective, safe and compliant protection to all medical areas:

  • Waiting areas
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Hospital public areas