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Ban Germs Travelling

Air travel can significantly influence the spread of infectious diseases. Implementing an effective infection control procedure is of the highest importance as it reduces the spread of pathogens between travellers and crew members on board.

The same applies to airports where germs can be lurking on various surfaces, lasting from minutes to hours after the infected passenger leaves.

ICP™ service will ensure regular disinfecting treatments for the whole aircraft including the cockpit, galleys, passengers’ areas, toilets, seats, floors, luggage racks, food galleys etc…

ICP™ service coupled with the local application by the airport cleaning team of Microbecs™ professional disinfectants will cover frequently touched surfaces in airports check-in and waiting areas, restrooms and toilets, duty free facilities, lounges and high traffic areas where frequent disinfecting is a must.

The applications of ICP™ and Microbecs™:

  • Cause no disturbance to passengers
  • Odourless
  • Colourless
  • 100% safe
  • EPA and FDA approved