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HACCP Made Simple

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is internationally recognized as being effective in ensuring the safety and suitability of food for human consumption and international trade.

Other benefits of applying HACCP include:

  • Effective use of resources
  • Remedial action taken prior to serious problems
  • Reduction of product loss

Our consultants will get to know your situation, tell you exactly what should be done; guide you step by step towards HACCP compliance and certification.


ISO 22000 Eligible in 100 Days

ISO 22000 is the latest food safety management system adopted by the ISO organization in 2005. Some describe ISO 22000 standard as a combination between HACCP and ISO 9001. This makes ISO 22000 an excellent food safety and management system for a wide array of food businesses.

Boecker® innovative approach to ISO 22000 implementation, guarantees the readiness of any qualified food establishment for certification in 100 days, provided:

  • Your premises are eligible for the 100-days certification programme
  • You strictly adhere to the Gap report recommendations
  • You have solid management commitment and available budget
  • You have a committed food safety team working on the recommendations

Boecker® consultants will complete all the requirements for implementation including all SOPs, SSOPs, ISO 22000 Manual, forms, documentation and records, etc. within 100 days and present your project for certification.

This makes Boecker® consulting programs of unique value and an exceptional opportunity to achieve quality standards in record time.