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Protecting the Health and Safety of Children and Staff

The practice of routinely using pesticides where children study, eat, and play has raised a public concern as to whether this is the best approach to controlling pests in schools. In 1995, The United States Congress defined integrated pest management as “a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, chemical, cultural, mechanical and physical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks.”

Boecker® CIEH assured Pest Management in Schools, Universities and Educational Centres is designed to protect the health and safety of children and staff, minimize damage to structures and personal property and improve the quality of the education environment by avoiding the annoyance or disruption of work and learning that can be caused by insects, rodents, or other pests.

When working with a school or university, Boecker® develops an Official Policy Statement for School Pest Management that includes:

  • Designating Pest Management Roles
  • Setting Pest Management Objective for Sites
  • Inspecting, Identifying and Monitoring
  • Setting Action Thresholds
  • Applying IPM Strategies
  • Evaluating Results and Record Keeping

At School or University, Boecker® offers complete, safe and effective protection of all parts of the facility including Library Protection which is done with utmost care and up to the standards set by the “American Library Association” and the “Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals, UK”.